Ort: 20359 Hamburg Neustadt Hamburg Hamburg, Freie und Hansestadt

Wie erkannt: Streckmittel selbst erkannt
Geruchsintensität: sehr gering
Geruch: kann ich nicht einordnen
Konsistenz: weich
Feuchte: normal
Aussehen: zu dunkel
Abbrennverhalten: zu schnell
Rauchgeschmack: kratzig

Preis: 10.00€/g
Menge: 2 g

Kommentar: Bought 2 grams at Fiktion Park, seller wants to have extra 10€ but i have only 5€, so it was 25€ for 2 bags. There was a much more than usual 2gr, maybe about 4-5. But only 10-20 percents was like a normal green sticky buds with normal smell. All except has a greyish brown color, weak smelling and without trichomes. So i guess it was already used for herb vaporizer or maybe Butane/Carbon extraction. So effect of this brown stuff was very weak, and taste of smoke was simply like burning wood

  • 23.01.2023 21:06